Spiritual Formation

What is Spiritual Formation?

Spiritual Formation is the process of becoming tuned into the movements and voice of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our lives. This process is the work of sanctification. Specifically, God does this work to us in that He forms and shapes us into the image and likeness of His son, Jesus Christ. Additionally, we are fundamentally changed to bear the image of Christ through baptism. Therefore, we are uniquely molded with special gifts in the formation process to function as the Church body. The biblical imagery that is used most often is that of a potter molding claying  into that which He desires. 

How Does Formation Happen?

Humans are spiritual and physical creatures that have emotions and intellects. Therefore, spiritual formation is necessary because humans are so intimately and intricately woven together. Formation happens in different ways in order to affect the different aspects of our selves. As a result, they require engagement for overall formation. We are unique creatures as humans. In fact, angels look curiously at us since we are able to experience salvation (1 Peter 1:12). Abiding in Christ, as He abides in us, brings us into the presence of God which is the result of our salvation.

We believe that the practice of prayer results in our abiding in God and He in us. Which means that we are unified with Him and reside in His presence! 

The Threefold Order of Prayer

There are three foundational ways that lead us to a deeper life of prayer. 

  1. Mass – The worship of the church body begins by attending the Eucharist. This is fundamental to our formation because we who are baptized in Jesus are to partake of the body and blood of Jesus. We do this in order to remember and give thanks to God who gave us salvation. For more on our worship, click here
  1. Daily Office – The daily office consists of morning, noon, and evening prayers. The rhythm of daily prayer helps us focus on God throughout the day. This is an Anglican distinctive in that they are a condensed version of the hours that monks pray in a monastery. As a result, the anglican daily office makes the life of prayer more accessible to those who live in the world.
    For more on praying the Daily Office, click here
  1. Personal Prayer – Each form of prayer listed above teaches and helps us to pray in the quiet place of our homes. Additionally, there are several forms of personal prayer we can interact with like recollection, intercession, and colloquy.
    Sit down with Fr. Fabien if these sound foreign to you. He would love to talk with you about how they are beneficial to your formation as a Christian. 

In conclusion, the threefold order of prayer form the foundational aspects of our formation in Jesus Christ. They engage each aspect of our selves: our hearts, minds, and bodies.

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