The Vestry serves as the Board of Directors of Christ the King Anglican Church, particularly when it comes to the temporal affairs of the Parish Corporation.  It also serves as a leadership sounding board for the Rector of the congregation.  Each vestry member serves a 3-year term and must remain off the vestry at least one year before running again.

The Very Reverend B. Townsend Waddill, III

Class of 2020
Kristen Berz
Greg Bond, Senior Warden
Jennifer Turbett

Class of 2021
Arnold Arnts, Junior Warden
Jay Johnson
Robert Schwaiger

Class of 2022
Annie Blanc
Rebecca Mulvey
Jo Stauffer

Ex-officio Vestry Members
Deacon Debby Buffum, Deacon
Deacon Judy Battershell, Deacon
John Lorch, Treasurer
Melanie Lucero, Assistant Treasurer and Secretary
Fran Rogers, Receiving Treasurer

Convention Delegates
Sharon Battershell – Class of 2020
Greg Bond – Class of 2021

Convention Alternates
Diana Bond – Class of 2020
Sandy Rogers – Class of 2021